My Knitting Journey

I’ve known how to knit for a while, in high school, I had mastered garments made of garter stitch that only required knitting back and forth on 2 needles. So…my design choices were rather limited, scarves, blankets…mostly just scarves as I have the knitting attention span of a 7-year-old who accidentally drank espresso. Somewhere along the line, in a high school drama classroom, a friend of mine introduced me to the purl stitch. This opened a whole world of textures and patterns to me, ones that only required knitting and purling, and generally came in the form of scarves…but I had a horrible secret…it sounds as if I was making millions of scarves, knitted, or purled, or a combination of the two; but, I wasn’t.

I’ve known how to cast on, knit, and purl, all from my learning endeavors in grade ten. What I didn’t know, embarrassingly, was how to cast off…so I would knit merrily along, until I got to a certain length, and then frog the entire thing, and start all over again, with nothing to show for my effort.  Sometime in my graduating year, I used the internet to enlighten me, and I made a few, rather uneven, acrylic scarves.

My knitting didn’t really improve in the types of garments I made, I made a scarf for my roommate in first year uni, and a basket weave pattern scarf for my brother’s girlfriend. One day, I started entertaining the idea that my scarf knitting skills could be translated into the makings of a sweater. Lets just say the sweater never really saw the light of day, but it did introduce me to the world of working on four double-pointed needles in the round, and the wonderful world of cabling.

When a work friend asked me to teach her how to make mittens, I was a little scared, but decided that it was worth a go. I struggled through the reading of the pattern we had purchased, and then told/showed her how to do it. Since then…so they say…I haven’t looked back. I’ve learned how to make hats, sweaters, mittens, socks, and shawls…and what started off as a interesting distraction from my school studies, has now become a full blown adoring obsession that is as much a part of me as anything else I do. I’m a teacher, a knitter, an amateur photographer, a knowledge enthusiast. I love yarns, textures, colours, books, stories, nature, art, canoeing, tea, conversation, laughter. I hope I can share at least some of the above with you.


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