Hatitude…and other things

This week has been sort of exciting for me…in non-knitting related matters. Let’s just say that I’m now beginning to see those fantastic dollar signs at the end of the tunnel, which follow the beginnings of one’s career choices. Hurray! All those years at University look as if they will eventually pay off. I’m day dreaming about all the glorious fibres I will be able to buy and turn into fantastic accessories and garments for friends and family, (and more selfishly…myself.) Unfortunately, not in time for this Christmas, there are not enough day left, and I’m still fighting to get the Christmas Hat Collection finished.

There was one pattern that was especially frustrating to me…not that it was difficult, but I can’t decide whether I didn’t find it interesting enough to knit, or didn’t like the choice of yarn I had used for the pattern, or if it was something else entirely. I was knitting using Mirasol Yarn Akapana, which is a Llama and Merino Tweed. I had chosen an army green colour, because I’ve seen Laura wear it before, and I really loved the feel and texture of the yarn, just not in the pattern I was knitting. So…I frogged the whole thing a few days ago…and did what over a thousand other people on Ravelry have done, and made Jared Flood’s Habitat in two days. I must say that I found it to be a super fun and interesting knit. I love cables, and with the tweedy goodness, I think it turned out perfectly.

I love it; my father loves it. My mother seems iffy, but I justify that her iffiness is not due to my lack of knitting skill or the lack of awesomeness of the pattern (because it is spectacular and I really want to make one for myself…or two…or…you get the point,) but if you remember my previous post, she was the one who chose the hat pattern I originally tried to knit. I think she is just a little disappointed.

I’ve posted some pictures of the hat here, modeled by the nonfunctional antique clock in the guest bedroom, because I have yet to master the skill of modeling and shooting simultaneously, and just don’t have plethera of willing models running around.


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