Pioneer Tavern Road

I hope everyone has been having a spectacular New Year, and the holiday season has been good to everyone. Somehow I always feel like the holidays should be more relaxing and productive than they end up being. But I have had a chance to. Do a little bit of fibre related fun.
One of my colleagues has lent me her spinning wheel! I know I’ve mentioned before that I do make yarn on a drop spindle from time to time, but I have never used a spinning wheel. She gave me and another friend a lesson on it, and has let me borrow her wheel for a little while. I think I am starting to get the hang of it now. I have been spinning up this lovely orange yarn that is a mix of merino and silk. The silk is shiny and white through the orange dyed merino, so I’ve started calling the yarn creamcicle.
Here are some pictures from the ‘spinning adventure’




One thought on “Pioneer Tavern Road

  1. Stephanie Williams says:

    I made up your black river rapid fingerless mitts. and I got some odd cables happening on the first hand (left) I assumed it was me.
    Then I made the right hand VERY carefully. The cables are in the right place but I have 2 left hands. EEEEEEKKKKKKKKK
    I agree with a previous comment that the numbers should be mirror image…
    When can I get to see the revised pattern or should I attempt the math which is WAY out of my depth!

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