About The Garter Stitch Diaries

“The Garter Stitch Diaries” is a place where I discuss knitting, yarn dyeing, spinning and other crafty endeavours, as well as some of my observations about anything that helps fuel my love of all kinds of cosy goodness. I’m a self-taught knitter, mostly having learned from internet articles, youtube videos, and frustrating attempts of trial and error knitting. I’ve dabbled in crochet, sewn articles of clothing, and have done some spinning of my own yarn on a top-whorl drop spindle and wheel, and have recently entered into the world of yarn dyeing. I hope you enjoy reading about my yarn adventures.

3 thoughts on “About The Garter Stitch Diaries

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi, Leigh. I just downloaded your Fleetwood pattern & am anxious to give it a try – I really love the texture of the pattern and have never done the twisted rib. Round 10 is cut off on the pattern posting. Would you kindly send me the second line of the Round 10 instruction? I’d be so grateful! Thanks so much for your help, and for sharing yoru pattern. Linda

    • leighmcdonna says:

      Thanks for letting me know. These are the instructions for Round 10: * k5, (p1, k1tbl) 4 times, p1, k6* repeat from * around.
      I’ll also update the pattern so it reads properly in the future!

      Happy Knitting,

  2. Diane says:

    The pattern for Black River Rapid Fingerless Mitss calls for needles that are Size 2.5. Is that 2.5 US or is that 2.5 mm? Thank you!

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