Babies Abound!

It seems like I’ve reached the time in my life where everyone around me is having babies. It signifies an important change in my life – I’m fully out of the “carefree” days of university and have been for over half a decade now. The realization does make me more than just a little apprehensive. But while I feel in my more terrified moments like attempting to claw my way back down the ageing process to twenty-five, it seems as if those around me are barrelling headlong into their married and maternal grown-up lives.

Featured imageI am happy for them, and I mean that in a way free of judgement. I have a strong belief that we all make the choices in life to do what makes us happy, and that those choices will be different for everyone, because happiness is so diverse. So I am not jealous or envious of my friends who are embarking on their parental journeys, I am just overjoyed for them. And…it is to my complete and utter satisfaction that I get an excuse to knit all manner of adorable baby things. *squee*

This past week I’ve been knitting Ysolda‘s Wee Chickadee cardigan for a coworker of mine who has just started her maternity leave. I found the pattern on Ravelry, and proceeded to dive through my ever growing stash (I can no longer sleep and store all my yarn in the same room, there just isn’t the space) to surface with a few skeins and some partial balls of Malabrigo Sock. I had a mild shock when I came to the realization that my stash has grown, seemingly without my knowledge, as I worked out more than six unique colour combinations in the correct yarn weight.

The pattern itself is easy to follow, and incredibly quick to knit up, as I cast on and bound off before the week was out. It is all buttoned and wrapped up and waiting to go out in the post tomorrow.

Featured image